About GIP


GIP was founded in 2011 as an association of professionals with profound expertise in the promotion and development of socioenvironmental programs and projects. GIP’s founders look back on many years of experience working in organizations like the Ford Foundation, Greenpeace, ActionAid, the BrazilFoundation, as well as in Academia.

GIP’s first project, the development of the program Direction for Knowledge was launched in 2011 in cooperation with Carlos Chagas Foundation, which provided technical and financial support to civil society organizations and governments throughout the educational landscape of the Amazon region. They were motivated by the precarious public education system in the North of Brazil, the low level of state assistance to rural education, the feeble student performance and the weakness of the social actors in the field.

By early 2013, GIP had increased its number of associates and started to advise a number of foundations, think tanks, national and international social society groups, providing research, strategic development, planning and evaluation services.

More recently, GIP expanded its breadth of expertise, offering services in the field of environment, climate change, sustainable development, international cooperation, environmental economic policy, climate finance, media and democracy, poverty, philantropy, communication management, political–organizational development and fund raising.

GIP’s wide-ranging profile became our trademark and it is the result and reflection of the mosaic of our associates’ competences and individual commitments.


  • To gather actors and knowledge in the promotion of social and environmental justice.


  • Civil society protagonism
  • Respect for diversity
  • Independence
  • Methodological soundness
  • Collaboration and interdependence
  • Flexibility