Soro's ambassador

Pedro Abramovay is the first latin american to lead Open Society Latin America. “When he called me, it was clear that he had done his research about me before that”, said Abramovay. The 35 year-old lawyer, affiliated to PT (Brazilian labor party), was 22 when he started working on Lulas’s government first as a legal assessor for the labor party leadership on the Senate, after as secretary of Legislative Matters for the Ministry of Justice.

Soros has said before that Abramovay is the only real person that has his own external policy. From this point of view, Abramovay is like an ambassador: gathers with people who work in NGOs and scholars as with authorities.

When he was in Brazil, Soros defended the progressive taxation of inheritance as a stimulus to philanthropy. The US federal inheritance tax rate is 29% and may reach 40%. The exemption range is high, at $ 5.3 million, which makes it apply to the rich. If the family creates a foundation to transmit the goods, however, it is entitled to full exemption.

"In Brazil there is no civic culture that understands the role of the third sector as another pillar in democracy. The donation culture is great for the churches, for the poor, but not for causes of public interest, "said Ana Toni, one of the people who understands the most about philanthropy in the country. Ana has been director of the Ford Foundation in Brazil for ten years and now runs the Climate and Society Institute. It has a consultancy, Public Interest Management (GIP), which advises non-profit associations.


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