Our Expertise

  • Capacity Building and Governance

GIP supports the capacity building of civil society organisations. This includes the assessment of the institutional and capacity issues, such as internal processes, governance structures and economic sustainability. Therefore, GIP researches best practices to strengthen the political and social strategies of our clients as well as their decision making.

  • Philantropy, Social Investment and Giving Culture

GIP enhances the performance – in terms of quantity and quality – of philanthropic entities (foundations, associations and institutions) in their role as donors for civil society organizations and projects in Brazil. GIP offers team coaching, strategic grantmaking planning and support in the establishment and expansion of networks of expertise. Therefore, GIP offers theoretical and practical guidance on professional and strategic performance as well as integrated support in the creation of foundations and donor organizations.

  • Climate Change and Development

Climate change has become one of the world’s most pressing socio-economic issues that increasingly permeate countries’ development activities. GIP is aware of that and conducts study, mapping, monitoring and strategy development in this field to enable political decision makers to promote social and environmental justice.

  • Amazon and Socio-Environmental Development

GIP’s actions in this field aim to strengthen those institutions and initiatives active in the socio-environmental development of the Amazon region. GIP offers advisory in the field of social integration, education and sustainable development to civil society actors, private initiatives and government bodies. GIP manages the projects and promotes their implementation. Furthermore, GIP conducts institutional planning, political research and analysis in the field.

  • Foreign Policy and Cooperation

GIP acts to improve the transparency of Brazilian international cooperation activities and to strengthen the participation of civil society in the positioning of Brazil as a significant global actor. GIP conducts studies of global development policies as well as mapping and analysis of Brazilian foreign political scenarios, emphasizing the importance of social and environmental questions. GIP actively works together with international organizations to realize transnational projects that strengthen international cooperation for development.

  • Managing Communication

Modern society uses communication on an unprecedented scale. The technology employed includes traditional media like books and press, courses and lectures as well as contemporary ones like the internet and its social networks. Together they compose a so-called “communication ecosystem”, a system in which several communication means interact and complement each other, influencing the individual’s perception of reality. GIP maps these ecosystems and supports social and environmental projects on the strategic use of integrated and modern communication to create social impact.