Observatório do Clima e Climate Works

Advisory and support to Observatório do Clima’s strategy towards COP 21, by mapping key national actors and analyzing [...]

Consumers International

Strategic planning advisory for a successful institutional restructuring and governance reform [...]


Regular publications and analysis of the Brazilian scenario on the subject of sustainability [...]

Grande Pequena Imprensa

Support in the structuring and management of the project, which aims to promote the strengthening and empowerment of regional [...]

Projeto Escolas de Alternância

Consultancy work for the Associação das Casas Familiares Rurais do Estado do Pará [...]

Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

Advisory and support on financial sustainability, positioning and inter-institutional relationship [...]

The Climate Justice Dialogue

Advisory and support in conducting the institutional development of the organization and strategic planning [...]

Global Union for Sustainability

Member of the Global Union, an open, democratic and pluralistic international movement [...]

IDEC – Brazilian Institute of Consumer Defense

Advisory and support in conducting the institutional development of the organization [...]

Arapyaú Institute

Advisory on the strategic positioning of the organization in the field of philanthropy, fostering a better [...]

Brazil – International Actor in Cooperation for Development

Analysis of the Brazilian government's performance as a donor in the international cooperation scenario [...]

World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre)

Advisory and support on the conduction of the organization´s strategic planning and institutional development [...]

Mapping of Fundraising Strategies: Perspectives of the Civil Society

Mapping of successful fundraising strategies adopted by civil society organizations working in the field [...]

Political Economy Analysis on Climate Change in Brazil

A brief study to map and identify how the topic of climate change is approached by Brazilian political parties [...]

Especial Consultancy

Advisory on projects and researches related to Brazilian international cooperation, economic policy, inequality and poverty in Brazil. [...]

Mapping “Trends and Opportunities in Climate Finance in Brazil”

A study to explore the current trends and patterns of civil society within the climate finance issue in Brazil [...]

Brazilian International Cooperation in Africa

Analysis of the characteristics of international cooperation mechanisms adopted by the Brazilian government [...]

Norte de Saberes

Institutional support to various civil society organizations aiming to contribute to the improvement of educational indicators [...]