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Sustainable Future Dialogues

The Institute for Climate and Society - ICS is a philanthropic and refinancing organization that promotes prosperity, justice and low carbon development in Brazil. The Institute acts as a bridge between international and national funders and local partners. ICS is part of a broad network of philanthropic organizations dedicated to building solutions to the climate crisis.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Brasilia is the representation of the German State in the Brazilian territory.  

What we do

Event creation and facilitation

Who is aimed at

Civil society organizations, international organizations, public sector and companies that work with climate change issues




Institute for Climate and Society - ICS

German Embassy in Brasilia





With the series of Sustainable Future Discussions we aim to: (i) hold international meetings on key issues for the exchange of experiences, practices and knowledge in the direction to reach local and global climate targets; (ii) putting the theme of climate change at the center of the national development agenda, especially in the political, social, economic and business agendas; (iii) disseminate and debate strategies for sustainable development; and (iv) motivate and strengthen multilateral and multisectoral actions that lead to the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement.


We held a series of international meetings bringing together foreign and national experts for a specialized dialogue on different themes related to climate change.


  • Until 2018 we held six meetings on the following themes: long-term development strategies; decarbonisation of transport; safety; carbon pricing; health programmes; emissions of greenhouse gases by sea transport
  • The meetings were held in Brasília (3), Rio de Janeiro (2) and São Paulo (1)
  • International representatives from countries and conglomerates, such as Germany, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, United States, England, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal and the European Union
  • We have established partnerships with 9 institutions in the meetings: Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, Institute of Energy and Environment (IEMA), Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio (IRI), Consulate General of Germany in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), the European Commission, the Consulate General of Germany in São Paulo and the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP)
  • In all, the six events already amount to approximately 42 hours
  • Creation of an internet portal to hold all the events content, including videos, presentations, interviews with participants, news clipping and all the graphics for the event


The portal can be accessed at this link: https://www.dialogosfuturosustentavel.org


image credit: Gustavo Amora