Consulting for donors and philanthropic organizations

Introduction to the Philanthropic World

GIP advised a family’s investment fund that seeked to join the philanthropic field, introducing them to complexities and potentials of the third sector in Brazil

What we do

Consulting for donors and philanthropic organizations

Who is aimed at

Individuals, families, investment funds and philanthropic organizations interested in applying resources to the third sector




BW Investment Management Family Office





GIP’s main challenge was in advising those involved to understand the universe of the third sector, facilitating the creation of new philanthropic institutions, as well as contributing to the discussion of what was needed to establish this kind of foundation in the country.


Presentation of different institutional models, development agencies, foundations and third sector organizations (both Brazilian and international) which worked in similar areas as the ones the new institution was looking to reach. GIP also promoted meetings with key Brazilian stakeholders to understand how a private institution could better serve the field in which it intended to act.


Officially launched in March 2017, Serrapilheira operates from public calls, training young scientists for cutting-edge scientific research and does exchange programmes with other countries in three main areas: Natural Sciences (Life Sciences, Geosciences, Physics, Chemistry), Computer Science and Mathematics.

By 2018, the institute has already launched two public calls for projects, the first of which contemplated 70 seed grants with a total contribution of up to 1 million reais for three years and the second contemplating the support of up to 24 young researchers for the same total contribution of up to 1 million reais for three years. Serrapilheira also offers support unrelated to public calls to certain research and scientific projects, having until January 2019 supported fifteen schemes.

The Ibirapitanga, created in 2017, is a grantmaker institution which aims to invest in projects of civil society organizations to promote and guarantee rights and strengthen democracy in Brazil. Currently, the Ibirapitanga acts in favor of racial equality and feeding programmes.

Until 2018, among the activities developed for racial equality, the Ibirapitanga supported the construction of the Baobá Fund, a programme in honor of councilwoman Marielle Franco, where the objective is to encourage and strengthen the political protagonism of black women. With support from the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundations and the Ibirapitanga itself, the fund reached nearly $ 10 million with the Kellogg Foundation match..

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