Consulting for donors and philanthropic organizations

GIP advises donors interested in the area of ​​philanthropy and social investment. We offer up-to-date information on the field of donation in Brazil and overseas. We assist individuals, families, companies and other institutions interested in making donations, advising on their next steps, offering inputs based on data, analysis and the experience of our team in order to guide the best choices for each scenario.

  • Diagnosis on the philanthropy field in Brazil and abroad
  • Scenarios analysis
  • Advice on selecting the most suitable philanthropic action or social investment
CASE STUDY: Introduction to the Philanthropic World
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Event organization

GIP organizes events and meetings, from concept development to finding speakers, partners and supporters. We also organize and facilitate debates, meetings and seminars. Our main goal is bring awareness and ensure the synergy and impact of these initiatives.

  • Event Curation
  • Meetings facilitation
  • Management and promotion of events
  • Logistics and organization of events
  • Reporting and systematization of events
CASE STUDY: Sustainable Future Dialogues
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Strategic planning and organizational consulting

GIP advises organizations so that their planning and decision making are based on a comprehensive reading of the political, economic, cultural, social and organizational contexts, hence making their performance more strategic. We also act in the qualification of teams, governance and management, looking to make sustainability feasible, interact with other projects and organizations and build strong units.
  • Institutional, political, strategic and grantmaking planning
  • Mapping and articulation of individuals, organizations, public agencies and networks
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Coaching and personalized advice
CASE STUDY: Institute Floresta Viva
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Applied research and stakeholder mapping

Through a combination of methodologies, GIP performs surveys and mappings, assessments and analysis that qualify the performance of organizations and increase the chances of impact of their projects. These studies aim to strengthen institutional practices, processes, structures of governance and financial sustainability, as well as support creating strategies and financing political statements.

  • Applied research
  • Scenarios studies
  • Mapping of stakeholders (organizations, projects, initiatives)
  • Monitoring themes / stakeholders
CASE STUDY:Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (CENPEC)
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Project and programme evaluation

GIP carries out evaluation and monitoring of programmes and projects. We also develop systems to ensure their effectiveness, to track if the resources are being applied carefully and to correct courses when necessary. We also point out institutional assets and opportunities for action.

  • Development of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Impact and processes evaluation
CASE STUDY: THEMIS - Gender, Justice, Human Rights and ELAS Fund
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Organizations and projects incubation

GIP acts in the development of new organizations and/or in the implementation of its activities, until it builds its own team and processes. We also guide the conception and implementation of projects and campaigns, helping to design the operational structure and financial sustainability model, establishing strategic decisions and partnerships, and assisting with other management challenges.

CASE STUDY:Faith in Climate
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